JANUARY 25- 31, 2019

Thanks to our great food sponsors for feeding our hungry crew!

                                    To promote Lake Charles Livestock Show & Rodeo

                         For Information Contact: Glenn Daigle (Trail Boss), 337-802-8168       

                                       ******* CALL  BEFORE YOU HAUL  *******

All riders must be ready to ride and transfer vehicles at 7:30 a.m. each morning.
Anyone not on time will be left behind and will have to find their own means of transportation back to the starting point.

 Friday, January 24         Gueydan, LA Duck Festival Grounds (overnight camping)

Saturday, January 25       Gueydan to Lake Arthur, LA  Hwy 14     14.8 miles
Sunday, January 26          Lake Arthur to Jennings, LA  Hwy 26     12 miles
Monday, January 27         Jennings to Welsh, LA  Hwy 90      12.7 miles
Tuesday, January 28         Welsh to Iowa, LA  Hwy 90       11.5 miles
Wednesday, January 29    Iowa to Kershaw’s Cajun Village Hwy 397   12 miles      
Thursday, January 30         Kershaw’s Cajun Village to MSU    16 miles

              12:30 pm proceed to parade route behind the old Sel-Mart on Ryan St.

                     Parade starts at 5 pm from the old Sel-Mart to MSU Stadium.

 Friday, January 31      MSU Stadium to Burton Coliseum   5.9 miles

                              7:30 pm - GRAND ENTRY INTO THE COLISEUM  

                                                WESTERN ATTIRE REQUIRED